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Ants Pest Control in Utah

Ants Pest Control in Utah
Latin Name:Formicidae
Length:2.6 to 3.2 mm long
Color:Variable in color from light red to brown or black
Digestive Tract:Yes

Ant Pest Control & Extermination Services

Legacy has been performing ant pest control in Utah since 2001. Ants are commonly found in Utah homes and businesses. The most common ants found in the Ogden and Salt Lake Valley are pavement ants and carpenter ants. They can be found all year long, and although most species don’t bit or sting, they can carry disease and/or contaminate food in your home. Successfully elimination of ant infestations takes knowledge of ant behaviors, and ant pest control skills gained through years of experience. To successfully get rid of ants, it is often the best approach to track them back to the colony, and then treat the colony nest directly.

For Ant Pest Control Utah, Legacy will typically spray baseboards and other problem areas inside of your home; we will also treat the outside of your home by spraying the home’s foundation and any other problem areas. Small ant infestations can typically be solved with a single treatment, and we guarantee our work for 30 days. The insecticide used for ant pest control is safe for both kids and pets.

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Pavement Ant Pest Control Utah

Pavement Ants are the small black ants you see in your kitchen, and their colony responsibility is to forage for food, build the nest, and to care for the young. Pavement ants are found outdoors under stones, patio blocks, and in cracks; they can be found inside your home underneath floorboards or in the walls. Pavement ants will feed on practically anything consumed by humans and greasy foods are their favorite. Ants can become a nuisance when large groups enter your home.

Carpenter Ant Pest Control Utah

Carpenter Ants, also known as sugar ants, are some of the largest ants you will see in Utah. They like to build their nests inside of dead, damp wooded areas. Despite the fact that they do not consume wood (like termites do) Carpenter Ants are known for hollowing out wood stumps outdoors; they can be found indoors infesting wooden buildings or structures. Carpenter Ants can become a real problem as they can cause major structural damage to a home’s support beams or other important wooden building materials.

Ant Identification and Pest Control Facts

An important aspect of getting rid of ant infestations is knowing how ants behave. Here are some things you should know about ants:

  • Entry: Ants can get into your home through miniscule cracks in search of food, water, or shelter.
  • Scent Trails: Ants secrete pheromones from their body in order to impact other ants to signal other ants to follow their trail to food, and can also be used to mark their territory to other species.
  • Colony Size: Ant Colonies, also called formicary, can vary in size very dramatically from one type of ant to another. Ant colonies can reach numbers of hundreds of thousands, and whole colonies can quickly relocate if threatened.
  • Do it Yourself Ant Pest Control Approaches: Many DIY ant pest control Utah methods only work on the ants that you can physically see. Additionally, home remedies do not account for the face that different types of ant infestations require different methods of treatment.

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