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How to Prevent Winter Pests from Moving in

Freezing temperatures force rodents and other winter pests into a hyperactive “survival” mode. Their sole activity during the winter is to find warm shelter and, hopefully, enough food to live on until spring. Guess what the first place they head to in search of a winter hideaway? Your home, of course. Fortunately, there are ways you can try to protect your home from the triple threat of rodents and insects–they spread disease, they destroy property, and they contaminate food.

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Pests that Can Wreck Your Roof

Wasp Nest - Legacy Pest control

Do you often hear unusual movements in your home’s roof? Are you woken up by the sounds of rats rustling and scurrying in your roof? If so, then it is time to reach out to Legacy Pest Control in Utah before these pests wreak havoc on your investment. Also, if not dealt with promptly, pest infestation could lead to severe damages on your roof that could cost more to correct or replace. Besides, most pests pose serious health issues.

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7 Signs of Termites

7 Signs of Termites - Legacy Pest Control Utah

Gone unnoticed, termite armies can cause significant damage, costing homeowners in Utah thousands of dollars in repairs. The subterranean termite is the most common termite species in Utah, known to live on cellulose (the major component of lumber), these little pests are rarely seen and can be the cause of major structural problems. While identifying a termite infestation can be tricky, there are a few tell-tell signs that can help you determine If your home has a termite problem. Continue reading

5 Signs You Have Mice

Mouse in the House - Legacy Pest Control

Our homes provide us with warmth and shelter from the elements – a place to eat, sleep and raise our children. Unfortunately, our homes can also provide mice with the same amenities. House mice are the most common rodent problem found in Utah and as fall approaches, mice will be looking for a safe place to nest and store food for the winter. Aside from catching a glimpse of a mouse scurrying by, most homeowners are unaware that they are playing host to unwanted houseguests. Continue reading

Utah’s 13 Creepiest Crawlers

Bugs can be found everywhere. From the driest desert terrain in Utah to the coldest mountaintop, you can bet some creepy creature calls it home. And unfortunately, there are many unwelcome crawlers that call our homes “home” as well. While some bugs may be helpful, many can be a nuisance. If you have creepy crawlers lurking around your home, the best solution is to contact the professionals at Legacy Pest Control. Continue reading