Invasion by pests is a common problem in Centerville, Utah, but downplaying its seriousness is the worst mistake you should never make. No matter how small you think the infestation is, delayed action endangers your pets and family as some pests carry and cause illnesses. Below are the most common pest infestations in both business and homes in Centerville, Utah, and how we, at Legacy Pest Control, can help you to exterminate them.

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Ant Pest Control: There are many types of ants that can infest your home or business premises in Utah. Although they don’t cause any health concerns, they can lead to the destruction of home structures by eating wood and causing fungal growth on their ‘trash piles.’ At Legacy Pest Control, we use sprays that are effective for the specific type of ant that has infested your premises, so that we eradicate them completely.

Small Rodent Pest Control: At Legacy Pest Control, we exterminate small rodents like mice, rats, bats, and squirrels – which left alone can cut electrical cables, spread diseases, and spoil food. We get rid of them by first finding their access points to the house, and then we use traps and licensed strong poisons where necessary.

Bedbugs Pest Control: Bedbugs can cause health effects like allergic symptoms and skin rashes among the people living in an infested house. To stop their infestation, we spray all cracks and crannies using approved poisons. This ensures that we don’t not only destroy the pests but also prevent their eggs from hatching.

Cockroaches Pest Control: Cockroaches are not only notorious but also hard to kill pests. Because of their food-hungry nature, we use sweet smelling poisons to attract and exterminate them once and for all.

Earwigs Pest Control: Earwigs are outdoor pets, but sometimes they find their way into Utah homes, making their infestation a nuisance. When disturbed, they can pinch and release a repulsive foul smell. We at Legacy Pest Control have the best methods of not only exterminating earwigs but also neutralizing external factors that compelled them to the house.

Silverfish Pest Control: Silverfish loves to feed on a starch-based matter. Because of their tendency to live in wet places, they can be a nuisance when they appear in large numbers in sinks and bathtubs and swarm about on the windows. We at Legacy Pest Control apply a residual insecticide on surfaces like perimeter walls, which ensure we kill any silverfish that crawls on them before reaching the house.

Spiders Pest Control: Some spiders are poisonous while others are not. Telling which spiders are poisonous and which aren’t is like wasting time splitting hairs. Rather than worry, our experts can help to spray and exterminate all ground spiders and house spiders.

Termites Pest Control: Termites are the leading destroyers of wooden structures in Utah homes and business premises. Delayed action on termite extermination can lead to more expensive repair. That’s why our services not only aim at getting rid of termites but also assessing structures that they can infect easily for protective control.

Why Legacy Pest Control?

At Legacy pest control;

  • We are open 24 hours a day, and our experienced technicians can respond to any infestation emergency.
  • Our products are safe for the environment, pets, and family.
  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction coupled with a 30-day money back policy.
  • We use a combination of materials, methods, and techniques to get rid of all types of pests once and for all.
  • Our pricing structure is flexible, with quarterly-monthly costs starting at only $69.99.

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