Legacy Pest Control Services for Lawns and Gardens in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Legacy provides Utah’s best outdoor pest control services. Our all-natural, green pest control products for Utah lawns are all satisfaction guaranteed for 4-6 weeks from the treatment date. All our pest control treatments are effective, affordable, and completely kid-safe, and pet-safe. Legacy offers lawn pest control and tree injection treatment for insect control. We offer a quarterly lawn insect control regimen, which is fully guaranteed for as long as your service is active.

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Lawn Pest Control Services We Provide

Ants: Of course, ants are a common sight in yards throughout Utah and the whole country. The most frequently problematic ants in the Ogden and Salt Lake Valley areas are carpenter ants and pavement ants. These ant species are seen in all seasons. Ants can contaminate food in your home and they can carry diseases. To eliminate ant infestations most efficiently requires an understanding of ant behaviors, ant pest control knowledge, and treatment skills acquired through extensive experience. The most effective approach often involves tracking ants to their colony and directly treating the nest.

Mosquitos: Rain and high temperatures together form ideal conditions for mosquitoes to breed. It can be too difficult to control mosquitoes in Utah without professional intervention. Legacy Pest Control offers Utah’s best mosquito pest control. We use smaller-sized droplets of microencapsulated products and growth regulators for all stages of mosquito life. This solution kills mosquitoes on contact when they feed on honeydew and nectar on plants, bushes, and grass around patios and other outdoor living spaces. We also treat bark/mulch, ground cover, potted plants, around deck & patio areas, and other areas where mosquitoes like to hide. Mosquitoes should be addressed on a monthly service schedule, for at least 3 applications to your routine lawn treatment.

Fleas and Ticks: As with all other pest control products we use, Legacy provides kid-safe and pet-safe pest control treatment for ticks and fleas. We offer applications for flea and tick protection in yards, decks, patios, pools, picnic areas, playgrounds, sports fields, and other outdoor recreation and work areas.

Spiders: Our spray treatment for spiders and other outdoor pests are spread to control a broad effective expanse of 30 feet from each location of the application. This means you can finally control spiders and other unwanted insects that invade outdoor living spaces and keep them out of the areas you want to enjoy during beautiful Utah days and evenings at home.

Wasps and Hornets: Every year in the United States, around 100 people die from anaphylaxis caused by insect stings. Legacy Pest Control offers entirely child-safe, pet-safe, and environmentally-friendly green treatments to eliminate wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets around Utah homes and businesses. We offer 24/7 service and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Call (801) 779-3131 for help anytime!

Earwigs: Although earwigs are recognized as outdoor pests, they’re often found in greenhouses, outdoor storage sheds, and garages, or other places with moisture and hiding places. They sometimes get inside homes in the summer months to move away from hot, dry outdoor conditions or to find new food sources. Inside your house, earwigs can devour fruits and vegetables and houseplants. We target these insects with a spray that also controls spiders and ants.

Lawn Grubs: Treatment for lawn grubs is normally applied on an as-needed basis. Systemic treatment for these notoriously ravenous grass-devouring beetle larvae is typically applied as either a granular or spray material on the grass. The grubs die when they attempt to eat the grass crowns at the bases of the blades. Grub treatment can be done as a preventive measure or as symptoms appear on the lawn.

Rodents: We can eliminate all types of typical rodents in yards and homes, including rats, mice, bats, and others. We perform squirrel removal, and we can also eliminate problems with birds and other small species that become pests on your property.

Overall, Legacy provides Utah’s best lawn pest control. Please see our residential and commercial pest control pages to understand how we can help you with comprehensive indoor and outdoor pest control in Utah.

How Does Lawn Pest Control Work?

Bugs such as mosquitos, spiders, earwigs, lawn grubs, and ants all love to hide in their favorite spaces. Some, like lawn grubs, thrive in your lawn’s soil. Others make their strongholds in trees, under fallen leaves or other lawn debris, in cracks and crevices around your home’s exterior, or around anyplace with the smallest bit of standing water. So, we locate the sources of insect infestation and target those areas for treatment.

This can include treating around basement windows, window wells, decks, door jambs, and garage door openings. We spray around the foundation of your home. We also spray the perimeter around your property, which discourages future traveling pests from walking across it.

Legacy Pest Control uses only kid-safe, pet-safe, environmentally-friendly, highly-effective pest control solutions. Outdoor pests are killed on contact with the insect control agents we use.

How Long Do Outdoor Pest Control Treatments Last?

The treatments typically last 3 to 4 weeks before breaking down from sun exposure, watering, and foot traffic. So, we recommend scheduling a bug barrier with each lawn application, for peace of mind and optimum prevention of recurring insect infestations around your home or business.

We recommend 5-6 treatments per year for comprehensive outdoor pest control. Start routine treatment around March 15th to April 15 at the latest. End treatments in November with an over-winter treatment to prevent pests that go dormant in winter from re-infesting the area in the springtime.

Legacy Lawn Fertilization & Tree and Plant Feeding

In addition to our full-scope outdoor pest control services, we provide highly effective fertilization for your grass. All our fertilizers are specially formulated for Utah lawns. Our signature tree injections infuse needed nutrients that help promote the robust growth and health of your trees. We also provide nutritional treatments for your shrubs, bushes, and all woody plant types.

Lawn Fertilization: Legacy Pest Control has created a proprietary blend of fertilizer and biologicals for disease control developed specifically for Utah lawns. Sign up for our seasonal service, which also includes 4 to 6 treatments per season with our 4-way herbicide spray.

Bushes and Plants: We provide nutritional treatments for bushes, shrubs, and all woody plant types. We can fertilize all those plant types as well, with our proprietary blend of fertilizer. Our treatment includes biologicals for disease prevention and supplementary micronutrients. This treatment is administered all in one spray — which is also 100% organic! This exceptional solution from Legacy Pest Control:

  • Increases plant growth
  • Increases fruit sizes on fruit trees
  • Builds stronger roots
  • Increases survival rates in new trees
  • Restores foliage color
  • Increases resilience
  • Builds immune systems
  • Increases plant respiration

Legacy Pest Control Is a Proud Member of the Utah Pest Control and Lawn Association

Legacy Pest Control offers a comprehensive range of lawn and garden pest control treatments. Proper pest control helps keep your grass, trees, and gardens thriving and free from damaging insect infestations. Our routine basic outdoor residential pest control also keeps your yard and outdoor living spaces healthier, safer, and more comfortable to enjoy. It also helps prevent outdoor insects from infesting your home. Adding our highly effective arborjet tree injections helps eradicate insects that damage or carry diseases to your trees.

Our residential and commercial lawn fertilization, tree injections, and plant feeding services provide critical nutrients to help your landscaping flourish. Along with routine pest control, these essential solutions from Legacy specialists nurture the health and long life of your grass, trees, and plants.

Our full-scope outdoor services make Legacy Pest Control your one-stop shop for insect eradication and advanced lawn, tree, and plant care supplements.