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Customer Reviews

Used them for general pest control maintenance spraying. They we very knowlwdgable, friendly and professional and their prices were fair. Will use them again.
Margaret Reno Parke
Margaret Reno Parke
21:35 06 Jul 22
First time customer here - after spotting a couple more black widows and wasps than we were comfortable with, I gave Legacy a call. They responded within the day and had a team out within a week. Services were on time and as promised. Thanks for the great experience!
Rita Stinnett
Rita Stinnett
23:06 13 Apr 22
They are very professional and offered great service.
Carlos Grava
Carlos Grava
23:00 12 Apr 22
Very nice and helpful.
Lisa Shurtleff
Lisa Shurtleff
02:00 12 Apr 22
Called to set up an appointment it was after they left for the day. They called me back next day and was able to come fit me in the following day for a foundation spray. Always quick and easy to get in and they do a fantastic job. Always so friendly. Love doing business with them.
Allen Smith
Allen Smith
02:41 23 Nov 21
Jason was very thorough and he explained everything he was doing and answered all of our questions that we had...I will definitely recommend these guys to everyone else who needs this type of service.
Douglas Storey
Douglas Storey
22:18 25 Oct 21
Speedy action, great service, patient knowledgeable staff and fair pricing. I'd recommend them for sure.
Lesley B
Lesley B
21:54 13 Sep 21
We've been using Lagacy for about 5 years and they work so hard to make sure they've addressed ALL of our concerns. I HATE BUGS. They take their time and GET IT DONE RIGHT. nside and out.. We have referred a number of people to them, and they all feel the same way. GREAT service, GREAT PRICE and AWESOME people. 5 out of 5☆s from this bug free property!
These guys are amazing! I Definitely recommend them!
lisa ramon
lisa ramon
22:31 21 Jul 21
Legacy Pest Control was very professional and knowledgeable with assisting us on getting my grandma's house treated for termites. Highly reccomend!
Danta Waiters
Danta Waiters
00:50 07 Jul 21
HIGHLY RECOMMEND 🙂 Great pest control company for mice. Exterminated the existing ones and put in preventative measures to stop them from getting back in.
Chevelle Garnett
Chevelle Garnett
20:20 30 Sep 20
Unfortunately we had some problem resolving a customer service issue at first. However, they did all they could to resolve my concerns and in the end they provided me a complimentary service.
Drew Klinell
Drew Klinell
06:13 15 Aug 20
Legacy Pest Control is fantastic! They have been providing services for my home for years. They are effective and super friendly! Would highly recommend!
Holly Brown
Holly Brown
02:28 23 Apr 20
I always love dealing with this company and we do not see any bugs inbetween our treatments. We first called these guys out for termites and have not had any issues since. Thank you legacy
todd turner
todd turner
18:12 26 Aug 19
These guys are great! No more termites and I couldn't be happier
J wong
J wong
16:36 20 Dec 18

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We take care of pests of all kinds. Whether it’s termites, bed bugs, spiders, earwigs, box elder bugs, ants, centipedes, black widows, brown recluse, moths, pill bugs, mites, beetles, cockroaches, ticks, snails, slugs, bats, snakes, rodents, millipedes, pantry moths, sugar ants, odorous ants, or anything else you need taken care of. If it’s bugging you we’ll handle it!

Legacy Pest Control offers a one of a kind pest control service in Utah. Our Pest Management System can be tailored to meet your unique and specific needs. From outdoors to indoors and everything in between, if it creeps and crawls Legacy Pest Control can provide you guaranteed pest control results today!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pest Control

Whether you live in a house or apartment, you won't have to leave while we take care your pests. Legacy Pest Control in Utah has licensed technicians who are security screened to ensure the safety of our customers, and our pest control products are not harmful to your family.
The pesticides we use are all natural and will not stain carpets, curtains or any other fixtures in your home. If there is any doubt about a particular surface, our technicians will ensure that it is covered and protected from the pesticides.
We've been a pest control company in Utah for many years, so we understand the importance of safety for your children and pets. We use all-natural, green pest control products that are completely safe to use around pets and children.
Healthy babies will be safe due to the nature of the pest control products we use in the home. If you have a baby with a compromised immune system, such as a prematurely born baby, it may be a good idea to have the infant out of the home during treatment. Your pediatrician will be able to give you the best answer to that question, based on his or her knowledge of your baby's health.
Our pest control products are generally safe to use around pregnant women. However, it's recommended that women avoid pesticides during the first trimester of pregnancy, just to be on the safe side.
Our technicians at Legacy Pest Control in Utah are specially trained to identify pests and know the best extermination methods for each one. We also know how to keep them from reoccurring in your home. Different kinds of pest invasions require different treatment methods, and we know them all.
We can give you a free estimate over the phone, whether you are a residential or business customer. We can give you an estimate without even coming to your location.
Quarterly service from Legacy Pest Control in Utah is backed by a full guarantee. If you hire us for one-time service, we guarantee the service for 4 to 6 weeks after your home is treated.
Pest control should be done quarterly to keep insects from coming back into your home. As for how long a pest control treatment lasts, it really depends on the type of pest. Keep in mind that outdoor pets can frequently bring creepy-crawlies in, even if your home is currently pest-free. Plus, you warm interior of your home becomes very attractive to certain pets during colder months.
It depends on the type of pest we're dealing with, the square footage of your space and other factors. We offer quarterly discount rates for pest control. You can also check our coupon page at Legacy pest Control in Utah to find the latest offers and deals.

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Legacy Pest Control offers Pest Control and Extermination Services throughout all of Utah. We provide pest control help anywhere across the Wasatch Front.



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