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When household pests are relentlessly encroaching on your living and gardening spaces, it’s time to get some proper help. The simplest and most effective solution is a preventative pest control plan that provides pest control treatment for your home or business every three months.

Sign-up for a preventative pest control plan where we come out and spray every 3 months for various pests including spiders, ants, wasps, beetles, earwigs, etc. Agree to 4 services in a year and get $20 off!

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Tailored Seasonal Utah Pest Control Services

Legacy’s pest control professionals bring years of experience to resolving seasonal pest infestations of spiders, ants, mice, cockroaches, beetles, termites, and other common Utah pests. We understand that every infestation is unique, requiring a particular comprehensive solution. Our experts will assess and identify the specific pest problems you’re experiencing in and around your home. We’ll design an effective plan to maintain your property in a pest-free condition safely.

Common Seasonal Pest Problems for Utah Homeowners

Having a pest infestation in your home can cause severe effects to your family and your property. Typical problems can include property damage, stress, and serious illness. Legacy Pest Control provides safe and effective treatment to eliminate all typical pests in Utah homes and commercial buildings.

Below is a list of typical pests that thousands of Utah residents often find too difficult to eradicate or control without professional pest control intervention. A simple and safe quarterly pest control treatment can eliminate these infestation problems.

Spring Season Pest Control in Utah

A spider infestation can be a serious and potentially dangerous situation, depending upon the species. We have green pest control solutions to eradicate any type of spider infestation in Utah. To keep spiders from repopulating your property, you’ll need to understand what you can do that really works. Our expert will provide you with easy instructions for helping keep your home free from spiders. If you have a spider infestation in your home, you should call for help immediately.

Ants are among the most common insect pests in Utah. They invade yards, decks, and patios, kitchen food storage cabinets. Carpenter ants eat trees, a home’s structural wooden supports, and even drywall. Ants cause serious property damage and impact property value. Other ant species infest gardens, pavement and can rapidly colonize throughout a property. Some species bite, making them among the most concerning ant infestations.

Grass-destroying beetle infestations leave larvae populations in yard soil through cold periods and then ravenously eat away at grass root structures throughout the spring. These lawn grubs leave large areas of brown or dead grass across previously healthy lawns. With seasonal treatment for lawn grubs, our experts can prevent such damage from lawn grubs.

Summer Season Pest Control

MosquitosEnjoying your outdoor space can be one of the great joys of living in Utah. But, a mosquito infestation can make being outside much less appealing. When mosquitoes arrive, they can overrun the whole yard. We reduce the mosquito problem around homes throughout the Ogden, UT area. It’s essential to identify spots on and around your property that are fostering mosquito infestation. Your Legacy pest control specialist will provide you with effective strategies to help keep mosquito problems away from your property.
Wasps and HornetsWarm weather brings wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, biting flies, and the complete menacing onslaught of stinging and biting pests. These and other ferocious insects can be very tricky and risky to manage safely and often require professional outdoor pest control strategies to resolve. Legacy Pest Control experts can quickly eliminate infestations of stinging insects using highly effective methods that are safe for people and pets.
Spiders and Ants AgainThe potential for ant infestation can multiply significantly in the warmer months, as options for habitat and feeding extend to outdoor ant havens. Additionally, various common spider species that have gained a foothold in your home during winter can persist throughout the summer month.

Fall and Winter Pest Control

MiceIf you hear noises, especially at night, that sound like rodents scampering along walls and behind furniture, or if you see small holes in walls, your home may have a mice infestation. Mice can be a serious threat to health, spreading diseases to people and pet animals. This common household pest can also damage property by shredding clothing, drapes, and furniture, nesting in mechanical equipment, and chewing electrical wiring. Mice can be tough to eliminate without professional solutions.
RoachesWhen it’s cold outside, and cockroaches are in search of more abundant food sources, your warm cozy home becomes an irresistible attraction for them. A roach infestation can rapidly contaminate living spaces. Roaches can spread diseases and trigger reactions in people with allergies. We use only child-safe, pet-safe, guaranteed methods to eliminate cockroaches and keep them out for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Preventive Pest Control

For routine residential pest control, it is recommended to maintain a schedule of preventive treatments every two to three months by a professional who provides routine pest control services.
An effective preventive pest control regimen by an effective pest control company offers multiple major benefits:
  • It can minimize your overall costs for exterminator services.
  • It gives you peace of mind knowing your home is safely and thoroughly protected.
  • You avoid the risk of property damage from infestations by insects and rodents.
  • You help prevent exposure to bacteria and diseases carried by insects and rodents.
Generally speaking, there is normally a substantial decrease in the pest population within the first day or two after applying pest control treatment. However, the precise time frame for the complete elimination of an insect or rodent infestation depends on a combination of these factors:
  • The species of pest
  • The size of the infestation
  • The particular conditions in the household environment
  • The type of extermination material used for the treatment
Today’s pest control treatments can be expected to remain potent and effective for about three months. The pest control treatments for ground insects may require follow-up application after around two months and for flying pests after about one month.
There are many ways insects and rodents and other pests enter homes. Some of the most common entry points for household pests include:
  • Along improperly sealed window and door frames
  • Through cracks in the foundation walls
  • Through openings for utility pipes and cables
  • Through unscreened attic vents
  • Through unscreened chimney vents
  • Through open windows and doors
  • In shopping bags with fruits and vegetables
  • In luggage brought in from traveling
Numerous pesticides are not water soluble, so they are not dissolved and washed away by rain. But, when rain continues over a period of a few days, you should not have new pest control treatment applied at your property until the area is sufficiently dry.
Some species of insects do disappear from view in winter and return with warmer weather in the spring. Some may leave their larvae behind buried in the soil of your yard to emerge in the spring and devour your grass. Other insects and rodents move into homes in winter to stay warm through the cold months, and those can attract rodents.
Cold weather drives more pests indoors in winter, where they can multiply and form major infestations. Use these measures to prevent infestations by insects, rodents, and other pests in your home during the winter:
  • Clean frequently around window and door openings.
  • Keep all areas of your home dry, with no standing water.
  • Store food items appropriately. Keep trash cans clean.
  • Cover vents to chimney shafts with screens.
  • Store your firewood 20 feet or more from your home.
  • Maintain landscaping in trimmed and debris-free condition.
  • Inspect hidden areas for signs of rodents.
  • Have professional preventative pest control treatment.

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