Having pests in your Logan, Utah home or business is more than just a nuisance. Unfortunately, rats, mice, and other common household pests can carry diseases that can make you, your family, and employees seriously ill. Unwanted critters in your home can even put the health of your pets at risk.

Legacy Pest Control is here to help keep the pests away. We urge you to contact us at the first sign of infestation since it will only get worse without professional pest control services. As a company that has offered pest control in Logan Utah for more than 20 years, Legacy has handled every type of pest situation. Every exterminator we employ has years of experience and the necessary tools to get the job done right the first time.

Using completely safe techniques, our experienced staff will address the problem and determine the most appropriate course of action to help get your home or business pest-free so you can get back to life. Be sure to check out our coupons page for our pest control deals and discounts!

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We have you covered when it comes to pest control. Here are just some of the pests we can help eliminate from your Logan, Utah home or business:


Ants may be tiny, but that doesn’t mean they can’t cause a lot of damage. Depending on the species, ants can cause significant and costly damage to the wood frame of your property. The most common places to find ant infestations are around baseboards, doors, and windows where they can gain the easiest access to food.

Bed bugs

No longer just a problem in hotels, bed bugs can cause serious problems in your home. They produce incessant itching by feasting on the blood of their victims.


Once inside your home or business, Cockroaches can multiply at an alarmingly fast rate. They can also be challenging to remove, even with an at-home kit you can purchase from a drugstore. It’s best to leave this extermination to the professionals from the start.


Although earwigsdon’t cause physical symptoms like most other pests, it’s still annoying to have them in your home or business. We not only eliminate them from the inside, we find and treat their entrance point outside.


You might have a problem with silverfish if you live or work in a wet or humid area. Early extermination is essential to prevent them from multiplying quickly.


Most spiders don’t cause serious harm to humans except for a few species that bite. That doesn’t mean you want to look at these unsightly pests where you live or work.


A highly destructive pest, a team of termites can quickly destroy your home’s wooden structure or that of your commercial property. This can lead to costly repairs and can even prevent you from selling your home if you have it on the market.

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With so many options for pest control in Utah, why choose Legacy? Open 24 hours a day, our technicians have over 20 years of experience handling many different types of infestations.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: All pest jobs include a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Safe Pest Control: The pesticides we use are safe for family, pets and the environment.
  • Innovative Techniques: We have been able to increase our effectiveness by using a combination of methods, techniques and materials.
  • Convenience: Quarterly-monthly costs start at only $69.99.


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