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Bat Removal in Utah

Bat Removal in Utah
Latin NameChiroptera
ColorVaries from tan, brown, rust, or black
LengthSome Utah bats weigh 1/10th of an ounce; other species have a wingspan of 17 inches and weigh as much as an ounce.
Soundshigh-frequency sound inaudible to human ears
Digestive TractYes

Bat Pest Control Services in Utah

If you suspect a bat colony in or around your home or business, it is important to call an experienced bat control company to keep you, your family and your pets safe. Bats roost in crawl spaces, attics, barns and other structures and have been known to fly through an open window at night putting you and your family at great risk. A bite from a bat is especially dangerous because many people who have been bitten do not even realize it and do not seek immediate medical attention. Bat infestation dangers may come from a bite, scratch or inhaling bat mucous or guano is the very real risk of contracting rabies or histoplasmosis.

 Protected by Utah law, bats should be professionally removed, the roosting area should be cleaned, and disinfected and exclusion methods must be employed to prevent their return. The state certified experienced professionals with Legacy Pest Control Utah will work with you to develop a customized bat removal and exclusion plan. Give us a call at 801-779-3131 for guaranteed safe and effective bat control.

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Humane Bat Removal in Utah

The friendly, knowledgeable bat control technicians with Legacy Pest Control will arrive on time and respect your home. Our professional bat control in Utah includes:

  • Thorough Property Inspection to find the colony and all possible entrances.
  • Effective, Humane Capture and Removal for individual bats.
  • Safe Cleanup of Bat Droppings to prevent potentially harmful inhalation.
  • Deodorize the Area to rid and prevent unpleasant odors
  • Maintenance and Repairs where necessary
  • Work with Your Insurance Company to provide the required documents

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For over 15 years Legacy Pest Control has been providing residents and business owners reputable pest control service with professional, state-certified bat exclusion and removal with a 30 day money-back guarantee. Our customized pest removal plans combine experience, innovative methods and techniques to provide safe and effective pest control. Be sure to check out our Money-Saving Coupon Page for instant savings.