Bird Control and Extermination Utah

Bird Control and Extermination Utah

Utah Bird Pest Control Services

With over 10,000 wild bird species, they are a common sight and sound for most of us. Birds in the wild play an important ecological role to help maintain sustainable population levels in many different ways. But, sometimes bird pest control and extermination in Utah become necessary when our homes or office buildings become a habitat for birds.

Preventing property damage from birds roosting in vents, roofing or soffits is often the main concern for property owners. But unless you’ve had to deal with a bird problem, you may not understand the messy and potentially harmful chaos these pests can create on a daily basis. Droppings can stain walls, eaves and roofing and nests often harbor health hazards like lice, fleas, mites, and even bed bugs.

Bird pest control and extermination in Utah with the experienced professionals at Legacy Pest Control Utah deal with problem-causing bird species including house sparrows, pigeons, woodpeckers, starlings, and seagulls. We will work with you to develop a customized bird extermination and control plan. To keep invasive birds and the 60+ diseases they carry away from you and your family, give us a call at 801-779-3131 for safe and effective bird control.
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Diseases Attributed to Birds and Their Droppings

Many birds in Utah are often carriers of parasites and may pose a serious health risk through parasites in their droppings. Here are just a few of the diseases attributed to birds and their droppings:

  • Fungal infections– Primarily transmitted by seagulls; fungal infections like cryptococcosis and histoplasmosis are a serious health risk that affects an infected person’s heart or lungs.
  • Coli– Transmission of E. Coli through bird droppings happens when birds, like magpies, eat insects or other materials from cow manure. Droppings can then end up in local water supplies or agricultural products.
  • Salmonella– Also known as simple ‘food poisoning’, Salmonella from bird droppings may occur when droppings dry-out and becomes dust. This dust can be sucked into air vents and then ingested if it lands on food or liquids.
  • Louis Encephalitis– This terrifying disease can lead to coma and death from an inflammation of the nervous system caused by contaminated bird droppings.

Problematic Bird Species in Utah

From downtown city streets or suburban neighborhoods to rural homesteads; there are several species of birds that view human structures as an ideal habitat to build a nest. Nesting and roosting can cause a whole range of problems for people like territorial behavior, exposure to parasites and diseases, and the constant, unsightly mess from droppings. Here is a list of the most common problematic bird species in Utah:

  • House sparrow – These tiny brown birds like to return to the same nesting areas every spring. This means that if the nest is built near an entryway, they will dive-bomb you and everyone who enters their territory to protect their nest. This common species is also known to displace other species like bluebirds or tree swallows from nest boxes.
  • Pigeons– Feces or droppings from these medium-sized birds is not only a nuisance, it can also cause serious property damage from highly-corrosive uric acid. Unkept or feral pigeon droppings can cause wide-spread, expensive property damage in a very short amount of time.
  • Woodpeckers – There are 3 common woodpecker species in Utah that can cause systematic property damage to wood siding, eaves, and utility poles. The holes left from a woodpecker can further cause water and mold damage. Property owners are all too aware of a woodpecker problem from its loud and incessant drilling and thumping.
  • Starlings– These birds flock in huge numbers and that means that they pose a potential health risk from their droppings in urban areas. Agricultural property owners in Utah suffer devastating economical losses when their crops are plagued by large flocks of starlings.
  • Seagulls– As the Utah state bird, the California seagull is protected by state law and federal regulations that govern migratory birds. Although the seagull saved early Utah settler’s crops, their droppings can contain harmful parasites. Seagulls have been known to be aggressive and attack people, this is a problem for the cities and towns surrounding The Great Salt Lake.

What You Can Expect from Legacy Pest Control

Legacy Pest Control has been providing The Beehive State’s property owners with bird control and extermination for the past 20 years. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians will arrive on time and respect your home or business property. Our professional bird control in Utah includes:

  • Property Inspection to locate all bird inhabitants and potential nesting areas.
  • Develop a Comprehensive Control Plan to safely and effectively remove birds from your property.
  • Cleanup of Hazardous Bird Droppings to prevent potential contamination and further property damage.
  • Maintenance and Repairs for damage from roosting and droppings, where necessary.
  • Work Directly with Your Insurance Company to save you time and further stress.

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Trust Legacy Pest Control in Salt Lake City with Utah Bird Removal 

With innovative methods and techniques, Legacy Pest Control proudly provides Salt Lake City with reputable bird pest control service for professional bird removal, control, and extermination backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee. Give us a call at 801-779-3131 to see how we can help rid your home or business of pesky birds and be sure to check out our Money-Saving Coupon Page for instant savings.

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