Boxelder Bugs Pest Control in Utah

Boxelder Bugs Pest Control in Utah
Latin Name:Boisea trivittata
Length:12.5 mm long
Color: Dark brown or black coloration, relieved by orange or red wing veins and markings on the abdomen
Digestive Tract: Yes

Boxelder Bugs Pest Control and Extermination

Do you have little black and orange bugs clustering on your patio or on your exterior wall? Are you concerned they’re planning to move indoors? These are Boxelder bugs, and Legacy Pest Control is the company to call to protect your home from these pests. We’ve been the go-to extermination and pest control services provider in northern Utah for more than 20 years, and we can rid your home not only of boxelder bugs but also of all kinds of insects, spiders, rodents and snakes. In addition, we will inspect your property and help you keep vermin outside where they belong.

What Are Boxelder Bugs?

Boxelder bugs, named for their favorite tree, are black bugs with orange or red markings on their backs. They’re flattish and about half an inch long, with six legs and a pair of antennas. In summer the stay close to their trees, but in the fall they congregate in sunny spots and start looking for a place to spend the winter. While they don’t spread disease and they’re not destructive, when they get into a home they make a nuisance of themselves. Boxelder bugs invade in large numbers and establish their winter quarters in crevices and cracks in the wall, where they’re snug and warm. They don’t actually bite, but they have sharp mouth parts that can puncture the skin and irritate. They stink when they’re crushed and their fecal material stains fabric.

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How Can I Keep Boxelder Bugs Out in Utah?

Seal, Seal, Seal: They don’t need much of an opening. Repair holes in screens, seal cracks and crevices with caulk and install sweeps on exterior doors. If you have boxelder trees that are producing helicopter pods, trim or eliminate them. Rake or mow fallen pods. If you see them preparing to invade, spray them with soapy water, which will kill some and repel the rest.

What If Boxelder Bugs Get In my Home?

Don’t try to exterminate them in the winter. If they die inside the walls or above the ceiling, where many off them make their homes, the carcasses attract beetles, which can present you with an even bigger problem. Wait until summer when they come out of the walls. In the meantime, you can vacuum up the ones in your living area, making sure to remove the bag so they don’t escape. Then seal up all the passageways from the voids to the living space: around window and door frames, around the baseboard. For anything that has a cover, such as a light switch or electrical outlet, removes the cover, seals it and replace it. Better yet, call Legacy Pest Control.

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Don’t wait until you see Boxelder bugs or some other undesirable visitor. We can inspect your home, rid you of any problems you currently have and work with you to combat future invasions. We are a family-owned business serving the Weber, Davis and Morgan area. Our natural, green pest control products are safe for children and pets. We offer military discounts and coupons for new customers. Don’t let pests infest your home; let us give you a free estimate.