Earwig Pest Control Utah

Earwig Pest Control Utah
Latin Name:Dermaptra
Length:5 mm
Color:Reddish-Brown to Black
Digestive Tract:Yes

Earwig Pest Control & Extermination Services

Legacy Pest Control provides earwig pest control in Utah. Earwigs are typically outdoor pests, however, if they make their way into homes, treatment by a professional exterminator may be warranted. Earwigs are relatives of cockroaches, and some may possess wings. Earwigs will enter Utah homes during summer when the weather outdoors is hot and dry or in search of food. Earwigs can commonly be found outdoors in greenhouses, sheds, and garages; they can be found indoors practically anywhere that is moist and has crevices for them to hide in. Once inside your home, earwigs will consume houseplants, fruits, and vegetables.

Earwigs possess pincers on the back of their abdomen, which they use for defense and capturing prey. Earwigs may release a foul smelling yellowish-brown liquid if they are threatened or squished, and they have the ability to pinch you if you try to pick them up with your hands. Their pincers do not have poisonous glands and are therefore not dangerous.

Professional Earwig Pest Control Utah

Legacy Pest Control in Utah can dispatch a professional exterminator to apply a pesticide to the perimeter of the house to prevent earwigs from entering the premises. If earwigs have already made their way into your home, they can be controlled by applying a kid-safe/ pet-safe pesticide to the cracks and crevices they may be hiding in. Our professional staff has the education, training, and equipment to effectively rid your home of earwigs.

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Earwig Pest Control & Extermination Facts

The sight of an earwig and their pincers quickly scurrying around is enough to give anyone the creepy-crawlies. Earwigs get their name from an old European superstition that earwigs burrow into the ears of people while they sleep and feed or lay eggs in your brain; luckily this folklore is a myth and has no merit whatsoever.

  • Entry: Earwigs can be controlled by removing their daytime shelter in and around your home. If you don’t eliminate earwig hiding places, the insecticide treatment may not be as effective.
  • Scent: Earwigs release an aggregate pheromone other earwigs can smell, and it is the reason that earwigs cluster together.
  • Nocturnal: Earwigs tend to be active at night and hide in dark, damp areas during the day. In the morning they will be gathered under things like cushions that were left outside overnight.

Do-It-Yourself Earwig Pest Control

If you’re not dealing with a huge infestation, you may try getting rid of earwigs yourself. Some general earwig pest control tips to follow include, but are not limited to:

  1. Removing logs, leaves, firewood, mulch etc. from the foundation of your home. The “dry zone” should be 6” to 12” wide so that earwigs will avoid it.
  2. Seal up entry points with caulk, in and around basement windows, under doors, and the cracks and crevices in between home cladding.
  3. Direct water from gutters and downspouts away from the foundation of your home to allow the ground to dry out. Also be sure to check for leaky faucets and air conditioning units.
  4. Trim trees and shrubs that cause damp, shady areas near the house.
  5. If you’re still having trouble with earwigs, it’s time to call Legacy Pest Control to apply a pesticide treatment to the perimeter of your home.
  6. Change your outdoor light fixtures to yellow bulbs as bugs are more attracted to light from white bulbs.
  7. Repair door screens and crawl space vents.
  8. Dehumidifier may be useful for damp basements or crawl spaces.

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