Fly Pest Control in Utah

Fly Pest Control in Utah
Latin Name:Diptera
Length:1 - 12 mm
Odor:When dead, rotting fish, vomit
Digestive Tract:Yes

Flies Pest Control & Extermination Services

Legacy Pest Control provides our customers with safe, effective, and affordable pest control. We use only natural, child-safe, pet-safe, environmentally safe professional-grade pest control products in our commercial and residential processes of pest control for flies.

Fly Pest Control Utah

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Fly Identification and Pest Control Facts

Here are some basic facts about flies and fly pest control that you may not know. Understanding flies a little better can help in understanding what is involved in controlling your environment to keep them away.

  • Entry:: Flies typically enter homes through open doors and windows, vent grates, and in fresh produce and other grocery items.
  • Problem type: The common diseases and illnesses transmitted by flies in the United States include Salmonella, Cholera, Typhoid, Anthrax, Tuberculosis, Dysentery, food poisoning, and diarrhea, among many others. Flies can also transmit parasitic worm eggs, which can lead to severe issues.
  • Preferred diet: Household garbage, animal carcasses, animal feces, rotting vegetables and fruits, fluids like wine, milk, beer, soda, pet food, and other organic materials.
  • Value: Flies pollinate plants and serve as a major food source for fish and animals from which humans benefit.
  • DIY Fly Control Measures: You can use household sprays to kill flies, plant flowers and herbs around your home’s exterior, or set up fly traps. But, for effective, consistent management of fly control, you’ll probably need professional pest control service.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Flies

The hot summer months bring the most flies, with August typically being the worst month of the year for extreme residential fly infestations.
Treatment by a professional exterminator has proven to be the most effective method of eliminating fly infestations and preventing recurrence.
Aerosol Insecticides, fogging products, and fly baits can be used. Fly lights using certain UV attract and trap flies very effectively and are popular for use in commercial businesses.
  • Keep all doors, windows, and exterior vents well sealed.
  • Eliminate any standing water on exterior areas of the property.
  • Keep tables and food preparation counters clean.
  • Cover food on kitchen counters.
  • Keep indoor and outdoor trash cans sealed tightly.
  • Keep patio and deck surfaces washed.
  • Use a licensed exterminator for ongoing flies pest control.
Some fly sprays can instantly kill flies. However, eliminating large fly infestations can be more difficult without professional intervention. For longer-term treatment to maintain a fly-free environment, contact a licensed exterminator offering the best pest control for flies in your area.

Legacy Pest Control for Eliminating Flies

Your Legacy exterminator for flies will provide you with:

  1. An inspection of the infested area,
  2. A consultation about the necessary measures to be taken to eliminate the problem.
  3. Effective organic treatment of the area to eliminate a fly infestation in your home.

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