Lawn Grubs Pest Control in Utah

Lawn Grubs Pest Control in Utah
Latin Name:Costelytra Zealandica
Length:Under One Inch
Sounds:Cracking and Popping When Eating Roots
Odor: Strong Odor of Organic Decay When Dying
Digestive Tract:Yes

Lawn Grubs Pest Control & Extermination Services

The safest and most thorough method for home and business owners to eliminate lawn grubs is using professional pest control management. Our experienced pest control technicians know when to treat for grubs and how to administer a process to eliminate grub infestations without further damaging grass or leaving dangerous chemicals on your lawn.

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Lawn Grub Pest Control Utah

You should avoid using pesticides from your local building or garden supply center. The harsh chemicals in many over-the-counter pest extermination products often cause more damage than they remedy, and they might not actually eliminate a lawn grub infestation. The safest and most efficient and effective approach to eradicating lawn grubs is to have professional lawn treatment to exterminate grubs.

Lawn Grub Identification and Pest Control Facts

Lawn grubs, Costelytra Zealandica are species of Scarabaeidae? The lawn grubs are tiny white larvae of scarab beetles, under one inch long, with a curved body bent into a shape like a letter C or U.

A smaller extent of lawn grub damage might be just a few small patches of dead or brown grass. A more widespread infestation can kill large areas, affecting almost the entire lawn in some cases.

  • Entry: Lawn grubs enter your yard when they are born as the offspring of beetles in your area. The larvae lie dormant in the soil through the winter and awaken in the spring to start devouring the grassroots of your lawn.When the larvae mature into adult beetles during the warm summer months, they come above the ground surface and start gobbling garden plants, flowers, and other vegetation. The beetles can decimate your yard in a short time. During adulthood, they lay their eggs just under the surface of the soil in your lawn to continue the cycle until you exterminate the population.
  • Problem Type: Lawn grubs infest lawns and are known to be very difficult to eliminate. They often cause extensive damage to a property in a short amount of time. The grubs feed on grass roots, leaving large dead areas or brown spots on the lawn that may continue to recur season after season.
  • Preferred Diet: grassroots
  • Value: The species of lawn grubs that kill grass can also damage plants and do not offer redemptive value for homeowners.
  • DIY Lawn Grub Control Measures: Preventive grub elimination treatment is based on climate, soil composition, turfgrass species, and other factors.

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How to Get Rid of Lawn Grubs

Start by performing a lawn grub inspection of your property. Then take action to eliminate lawn grubs.

To check for signs of grubs on the lawn:

  • Examine grassroots in an area of your lawn where the grass is dead or brown.
  • Use a shovel to dig up a clump of the grass and dirt a couple of inches deep.
  • Inspect the sample to see if grubs are present.

To eliminate lawn grubs:

  • If grubs are detected, take prompt action to eliminate the grub infestation. The beetles that produce these destructive grubs multiply very quickly and in large numbers.

For the safest and most effective method of eradicating lawn grub populations, call a professional pest control service.

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