Stink Bugs Pest Control in Utah

Stink Bugs Pest Control in Utah
Latin Name:Halyomorpha halys
Length:Approximately 17 mm
Color: Mottled brownish-gray
Sounds:Buzzing, wing flapping, female and male guttural calls
Odor:dusty, woody, earthy, rancid almond
Digestive Tract:Yes

Stink Bugs Pest Control & Extermination Services

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Stink Bug Pest Control Utah

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Stink Bug Identification and Pest Control Facts

Stink Bugs, also called Shield Bugs, is a species of the Pentatomidae family, which is of the Hemiptera order. Stink Bugs are found in a variety of colors and sizes. Their distinctive shape, however, appears to be consistent across the numerous variations of Stink Bug subspecies. The body is a wide triangular shape, with wings shaped like a shield, instead of like more typical elongated insect wings.

  • Entry: Stink Bugs enter through open doorways and windows and crevices. One bug may enter, or larger numbers of Stink Bugs may enter together. They typically gather in obscure areas such as under a couch or bed, between furniture and walls, in an attic, etc.
  • Problem type: Stink Bugs do not appear to bite or cause structural damage to buildings. They do significant damage to food crops, however, and they cause allergic reactions in people with sensitivity to them.
  • Preferred diet: Stink Bugs feed on apples, peaches, citrus fruits, beans, corn, soybeans, and other fruits and vegetables, and are even known to feed on cotton and various field crops. These dietary habits make Stink Bugs major agricultural pests throughout the U.S., sometimes destroying entire crops of produce.
  • Value: Some Stink Bug species, such as the rough Stink Bug is recognized by gardeners as a beneficial insect, because they eat beetles and caterpillars, among other bugs. Home gardeners make efforts to attract Stink Bugs, to help control these and other insect species that are damaging to garden plants.
  • DIY Stink Bug Control Measures: Eradicating Stink Bugs from an area is known to be very difficult. You can sweep a Stink Bug into a dustpan and carry it away from your home, but be careful not to crush the bug, in order to avoid the extreme foul odor they emit when they sense a threat.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Stink Bugs

Stink Bugs prefer to be outside. However, with colder temperatures, they begin to seek warmth inside residential and commercial buildings.
Gently scrape the bug onto a dustpan, or pick it up with a piece of cardboard and take it away from your home. Avoid vacuuming up a Stink Bug, because the extreme odor the bug emits can stay inside your machine and potentially ruin it.
Stink Bug pest control may involve displacing the Stink Bug’s primary shelter, and potentially using pesticides. Aerosol spray pesticides and foggers designated for exterminating domestic Stink Bugs will kill the bugs in the area. But, these measures do not prevent more Stink Bugs from entering through openings after the pesticide dissipates. Therefore, these pest control materials are not suitable as long-term solutions for the control of Stink Bugs.
  • Seal tightly around windows and doors.
  • Cover vents with screens, and close gaps around plumbing pipe entries.
  • Seal around entries to crawl spaces, cap the fireplace chimney top, or cover it with screen.
  • Keep weeds and other vegetation and debris away from the foundation of your house.
  • Routinely inspect the perimeter of your house’s foundation, and seal all crevices.
  • Have vegetation around the exterior of your home or business treated by a professional pest control service.
A do-it-yourself process can kill or remove Stink Bugs instantly. However, partial approaches to eradicating Stink Bugs that have taken hold in larger numbers across an area is less likely to be successful. For longer-term elimination of Stink Bugs, use one of the most reputable and experienced Stink Bug extermination services Utah has to offer in your area, for comprehensive professional treatment.

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