Property Management Pest ControlFor more than 20 years, Legacy Pest Control has been providing residential and commercial customers in the Ogden, UT area with unsurpassed pest control. Whether your problem is termites, spiders, roaches, ants, beetles, bed bugs, or even snakes, we eliminate the problem utilizing methods that are effective, safe, and guaranteed. Regardless of your problem, our pest control professionals can design a customized treatment plan to meet your needs!

Residential Property Management Pest Control

Residential property may include a home you own or rent in Davis, Morgan, or Weber areas or anywhere in Northern Utah. If you are a tenant who has rented a home, apartment, or condo you may not have given much thought to pest control until after the fact. Are you responsible for having services performed, or the homeowner/property manager?

There really is no concrete answer. In some cases, it is left to the tenant to take care of pest control, in others the property owner may include costs for this service in the lease. As a property manager, it may be to your advantage to take responsibility for pest control and related costs, as you may find it easier to rent/lease the property. Regardless, the lease should clearly state who is to contract pest control services and take responsibility for costs.

As a residential homeowner or property manager, what are the benefits of having your property regularly treated for pests? Here are a few:

  • Pests can cause damage that is costly and difficult to repair, including wood damage and even weakening your home’s structure
  • Mosquitoes, cockroaches, ticks, and other rodents can carry disease, resulting in illness of family members
  • Explosion in pest population if a treatment plan isn’t put in place that includes treatment at regular intervals, rather than yearly
  • Preventative measures taken against pests is less expensive than extermination

Commercial Property Management Pest Control

Whether a self-storage facility, warehouse, retail or office setting, pests can be a problem. Perhaps you are a self-storage operator who isn’t aware of the potential problems you could face by not having a pest control plan in place. The fact is, self-storage facilities are often like a magnet to pests, as units often contain boxes, cartons, even trash bags filled with belongings. Pests love nothing better than clutter, and when one unit becomes infested, it isn’t long before the infestation will spread throughout your other units. Food, plants, and other items that you probably aren’t aware of are often stored by those who rent storage units. Ultimately, you have little control over what is being stored, and considering the size of your facility and wide array of pests, controlling pests on your own is an insurmountable task.

Warehouses, restaurants, production facilities, schools and daycares, hotels; the fact is, no matter how clean a commercial property is kept, you simply cannot keep out mice, ants, roaches, bedbugs, and other nasty pests. As a commercial property manager, it is vital you have a pest control plan in place to not only protect your premises, employees, patrons, and guests, but to protect your reputation and brand.

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