Vole Pest Control in Utah

Vole Pest Control in Utah
Latin Name:Microtus Arvalis
Length:5 to 7 inches
Color:Medium brown or black
Sounds:High pitched squeaks and singing
Odor:Urine odor may be detectable by vole predators
Digestive Tract:yes

Vole Pest Control & Extermination Services

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Vole Identification and Pest Control Facts

What’s a vole? Voles are among the most destructive of all outdoor property infestations. These rodents typically don’t come indoors. They thrive on burrowing in your yard, feeding on grass, garden plants, and other vegetation.

Voles dig extensive tunnel systems that destroy the yard, making it unusable for recreation or home projects. A vole-infested area eventually becomes unsafe to walk on. That is due to the risk of twisting an ankle by stepping into a tunnel entry or exit hole or one of the many collapsing spots of soil and grass above their network of tunnels throughout the property. The voles also eat and destroy plants, grass, fruit trees, and crops.

These rodents multiply at a staggering rate, so an infestation can grow rapidly.

Vole Specifics:

  • Entry:: In lawns and outdoor areas with dense vegetation
  • Problem type: Vegetation damage, injury risk, disease potential
  • Preferred diet: Grass, other vegetation, roots
  • Value: Food source for raccoons, hawks, snakes, and other species; burrows distribute nutrients through the soil
  • DIY Billbug Control Measures: Keep the grass short and eliminate hiding places

Legacy Pest Control will provide you with a free estimate for help to eliminate voles.

Legacy Pest Control offers a free estimate for help getting rid of Vole.


Signs of Voles

Voles are small ground-dwelling rodents. Their bodies are round with short legs and tails. Fully grown voles typically measure from 5 to 7 inches in length. Their fur is medium brown or black. The rodents have tiny, barely visible ears, flat snouts, and sharp front teeth.

  • Deep entrance and exit holes for their tunnels
  • Runways in grassy areas are caused by voles running between burrows and food sources

Frequently Asked Questions About Voles

The easiest approach to getting rid of voles and other rodents is to call an eco-conscious pest control service.
Professional pest control services may use live traps, repellants, mouse traps, or poison bait traps, depending on the company you choose, the size of the infestation, and possibly other factors.
Voles are destructive to lawns and garden plants, create trip and fall hazards in lawns, ankle and foot injury hazards, and they present a risk of disease spread through their urine and feces. They also carry various parasites, including ticks.
Keep your grass cut short, don’t over-mulch, and eliminate dense brush.
Voles are typically from 5 to 7 inches in length with thick bodies and short legs.
Expect it to take about 3 to 4 weeks or longer to eliminate voles from your yard using live traps, depending on the size of the infestation, the number of traps you use, and the locations where they’re placed.
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Vole Pest Control & Extermination Services by Legacy

Our experts can eliminate even the most persistent voles and other rodents from your lawn and home in Utah. That means you don’t have to spend any more effort and time trying to control a relentlessly growing population of voles in your yard.

Voles can be very hard to eliminate without professional intervention. We eliminate all voles from your yard and property around your home, so you’ll be back in control of your property. Our vole removal service is just a phone call away at Legacy Pest Control in Ogden Utah.

  • All our pest control products are completely safe for children and pets.
  • We use only environmentally safe pest control products.
  • We provide effective and affordable residential and commercial pest control services.

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