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If your home or business is being plagued by pests in Cottonwood Heights, then Legacy Pest Control is ready to help. We are a family-owned and operated pest control company based in Ogden, Utah with additional offices located in Logan. We have been providing exterminator services in all areas of Weber county for more than 20 years. Once they’ve invaded, pests can be hard to get rid of, and they are more than just a nuisance. They can carry dangerous diseases, destroy property, and cause harm to your pets. 

Our trained technicians have the experience, equipment, and expertise to diagnose your pest infestation, choose the best solution to apply and get rid of your pest problem once and for all.

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Cottonwood Heights Pest Control And Extermination Services

Legacy Pest Control is capable of treating your property for any type of pest, including:


There are several kinds of ants in Utah
that can infest your home or business, and some of them can do damage to your property. Our technicians can identify where they are entering and hiding and treat those areas with effective commercial products


These harmful insects can do serious damage to the wood frame of your structure before you even know they are there, resulting in costly repairs. An expert inspection can locate them so they can be eliminated quickly.


The most common of pests, cockroaches can carry harmful diseases and are extremely difficult to eradicate. Over-the-counter treatments often aren’t effective. We have commercial-grade products that work to banish them completely.


Once almost wiped out in the U.S. these insects are now a major problem across the nation. They feed on your blood while you’re asleep and leave ugly, itchy welts. Bedbugs typically require treatment by a professional pest control company.


Even though Earwigs aren’t harmful, they are a serious nuisance that can’t be ignored. Our technicians will spray thoroughly to kill them and remove the outside elements that can attract them.


Rats and mice are common in Utah homes and businesses and they are anything but cute. They harbor fleas and other parasites that carry disease, invade stored food, chew on furniture and other items, and create messy nests. But they can be controlled with proper procedures.


These little creatures go largely unnoticed because they are nocturnal and they’re good at hiding. But Silverfish can cause a lot of damage over time to your possessions. A knowledge of their habits is necessary to eliminate them.

Why Legacy Pest Control?

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We are a regional leader in providing residential and commercial pest control services in Utah. The certified pesticides and techniques we use are environmentally-friendly, including all-natural products, and safe for family and pets. We have a variety of service options available from single treatments to multi-treatment plans. Our services are affordable, and we offer military discounts and regular coupons. We offer a money-back guarantee for 4-6 weeks after treatment, and a full guarantee on quarterly treatment plans while they are active.

When you need pest control in Cottonwood Heights Utah, Legacy Pest Control is your first choice.


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