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With over fifteen years of experience providing pest control in West Haven Utah, at Legacy Pest Control we’ve encountered every extermination situation you can imagine. We’re available 24/7 to handle your urgent situations, and provide a year-round service that offers peace of mind and a guarantee that makes sense. When you discover that your home or business has been breached by armies of insects or inquisitive creatures, let us take care of it. We’ll create a pest control services plan for extermination now, and peace of mind later. Ask us about the products our exterminator uses, and rest easy.

We’re your Utah pest control expert with methods that are safe for your family, including pets and children.

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We Know that Pest Control is Important to You

From embarrassing moments when a visitor spots a cockroach in your home to health concerns that threaten your business, we take our services seriously and respond quickly to locate and eliminate pests, destroy or remove colonies, and prevent the rapid reproduction cycles that can often lead to big pest problems quickly. Even for pests such as silverfish and earwigs, we know that danger is not the only factor — you want peace of mind and an environment free of concerns and scares.

Some pests can be difficult to handle, especially certain insects like bed bugs, unless you understand their behavior and vulnerabilities. We use our knowledge and experience to make sure that you can rest easy. We also offer a periodic inspection and treatment plan that allows us to keep pests at bay and offer you a guarantee. When you see pests, that often means they are already established. We can prevent their return.

Innovative Services Using a Combination of Methods

Our safe, effective pest control services include the elimination of infestations of:

Many of these creatures cause damage, transmit disease, and have reputations for being difficult to eliminate. We’ll inspect for places where they might be feeding, check for entries to your building or apartments, use spray barriers as well as direct treatment, and get results much better than over-the-counter treatments can provide. We understand habitats, breeding patterns, and lifespans and can make sure that we provide the best strategies for the long-term elimination of your pests. In many cases, self-treatment simply chases pests that re-establish their homes and adapt, so our planned approach and treatments that exploit their vulnerabilities can have excellent results.

Why Choose Legacy Pest Control in West Haven Utah?

Finding high-quality pest control services Utah residents can depend on is not an easy task. With so many companies out there, how are you supposed to choose? After just one phone call with us, you’ll immediately see why our West Haven extermination services are trusted by families and businesses all over the area. Take a look at why many believe we’re the top exterminator West Valley can count on:

  • Over 20 years in business
  • Proudly serving the West Haven area
  • Military discounts available
  • We’re a family-owned business
  • We offer coupons
  • Green, all-natural products available
  • We provide residential and commercial services
  • FREE bids provided
  • 24/7 emergency service available
  • Fast and friendly pest control solutions
  • And much more!

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Let’s Get Your Pest Problems Off of Your Mind

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Call us 24/7 to take care of your urgent pest control needs, with a warranty that extends from 4-6 weeks. Our quarterly plan provides ongoing protection and a guarantee that lasts as long as your plan is active. At Legacy Pest Control, all of our safe pest control products protect your children and pets while they remove infestations. Ask us about available green and natural products as well. We offer discounts for military and pest control coupons for everyone. Count on us to help you clear your home or business of unwanted insects and other creatures. Call us at 801-779-3131 today.



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