From a minor pest problem to a major infestation, you can depend on the friendly and professional pest control technicians at Legacy Pest Control to safely and effectively exterminate unwanted pests and prevent them from returning. Our South Salt Lake pest control specialist have the knowledge and experience to eliminate Utah’s most common pests including termites, ants, earwigs and spiders.

The trained and certified pest control technicians with Legacy Pest Control Utah will visit your home or office to locate and identify your pest problem and work with you to customize a pest control treatment plan with a comprehensive cost breakdown. We strictly follow safe pesticide practices to keep you, your family and your pets safe.

Seek professional pest management with Legacy Pest Control in South Salt Lake City to get rid of potentially harmful pests like cockroaches, silverfish or bedbugs that can expose you or your loved ones to illness and disease. Give us a call today at 801-779-3131 for guaranteed safe and effective pest control.

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Legacy Pest Control South Salt Lake Extermination and Pest Control Services

Termite Pest Control – A termite infestation can cause extensive and costly damage to your home or office building. It is important to call an experienced termite control company to inspect your property, locate the infestation and identify other areas that may be susceptible. Treatment options include eliminating the current infestation and applying preventative treatments to keep your property safe from destruction.

Ant Pest Control – There are five types of ants commonly found in Utah that are capable of varying types of damage. The experienced pest control technicians with Legacy Pest Control will identify the ant species and develop a customized treatment plan with controlled extermination. Prevention methods will include perimeter treatment both inside and outside to control future ant problems.

Earwig Pest Control – Utah residential and commercial property owners dealing with an earwig infestation need a reputable, local pest control company for safe & effective removal and important preventative treatment. The most effectual earwig prevention will include the removal of compost and other debris to deter a future infestation.

Spider Pest Control – Although most spider species in Utah are harmless, there are a few dangerous species like the black widow and hobo spiders that you should be cautious of. The experts at Legacy Pest Control have the experience to identify, exterminate and prevent common and dangerous spider infestations to keep you, your family and your pets safe.

Cockroach Pest Control – There are four different species of cockroaches that commonly infest homes and businesses in South Salt Lake City. At the first sign of cockroaches it is important to avoid a prolonged invasion to limit your exposure to potential illnesses like gastroenteritis, dysentery, salmonellosis and more serious illnesses like cholera and typhoid fever. Schedule a home inspection with Legacy Pest Control at 801-779-3131 for an immediate cockroach extermination and prevention estimate.

Silverfish Pest Control – Silverfish are identified by their fish-like movements and metallic appearance. Commonly found in the bathroom or kitchen, silverfish are attracted to wet, humid environments. While these creepy crawlers are not dangerous to humans, they consume materials like glue and paste containing starches and dextrin. It is important to have a professional extermination company to determine the number of necessary treatments to prevent exposure to unsafe extermination methods.

Bed Bug Pest Control – As a growing problem in Utah, bedbug infestations are one of the most difficult pests to get rid of. Most people think bedbugs are only found in unsanitary conditions, but these tiny parasitic insects can survive and thrive in even the cleanest home. Protect your family from bedbug exposure with help from Legacy Pest Control. Our effective and affordable bed bug treatment plans will quickly and safely rid your home of these blood-sucking pests.

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