Commercial Office Space Pest Control

Every business is dedicated to ensuring that its employees and customers are comfortable at all times. As such, businesses owners and commercial building managers in Utah have a duty of ensuring their businesses or buildings are free of pests. The Legacy Pest Control mission is to protect your commercial building and its occupants from pests by providing the best quality of office space pest control services for office buildings and other work facilities. Whether in your commercial office building or home, we offer our pest control services to handle a wide variety of pests:

Common Pests Found in Office Buildings

Our Legacy Pest Control specialists handle all kinds of pests discovered in office buildings. The most common pests we provide prevention against are:


Mice and rats are the most common annoying critters found in offices. Rats and mice are very inquisitive in nature, and thus can walk along branches of trees growing close to commercial buildings, thin pipes or wires and climb vertical surfaces to find a way into a building. They can also gnaw around tiny gaps to make spacious holes for gaining access into buildings.

These rodents can contaminate foods and surfaces with hazardous pathogens that cause serious diseases such as toxoplasmosis, Lyme disease, and salmonellosis. They can also cause extensive damage to electrical equipment, wiring and other expensive fixtures in commercial buildings. Rodents carry ticks, fleas, mites and parasites that are vectors for different diseases. Rats and mice can damage food packaging and containers.

Hence, if you start seeing droppings, holes in the ground, shredded materials, rodent runs and smudge marks along pipes, walls or cables, you should contact Legacy Pest control services. It might not be easy to notice some signs of rodents such smell and nests in hidden spaces and attics. Therefore, your best office pest control approach is to contact our experienced pest control specialists to locate these hideouts and exterminate the critters.


Ants are easily adaptable to a wide array of habitats which makes them difficult to exterminate without professional help. The most common signs an ant infestation include trails that lead to cracks, damage on wooden furniture and presence of ants in food items or storage items. If left unattended, ant damage could lead to furniture damage, food contamination, and strange odors. Consequently, customers may have a negative perception of your business.


Harborage, food and suitable temperatures attract cockroaches. Although these pests are common in warmer countries, they can find a comfortable breeding ground in your office building by hiding in small and difficult-to-reach places. Furthermore, they need small spills of food to survive on. Hence, it’s challenging to get rid of these disease-carrying pests from an office building.

They are nocturnal pests that might not be seen around the office during the day, but can seriously contaminate the office environment at night. If you notice egg cases, shed skins, foul smell and droppings in your office, contact Legacy Pest Control to provide you with the right pest control for office spaces.

Office Space Pest Control Measures

Our office pest control strategy is to prevent a pest infestation in commercial buildings by denying the pest access into the office building. We advise our clients on how to prevent pest infestation by denying pests food, water, and shelter. We have years of experience in dealing with different types of office building pest infestations and preventing them from recurring. Some of the most recommendable measures of keeping the pests away include:

  • Cleaning the kitchen frequently
  • Removing food waste from the office building
  • Storing garbage in pest-proof containers, outside the building
  • Cleaning the office regularly
  • Maintaining the office building thoroughly to prevent gaps and holes that pests can exploit to enter the building
  • Shutting the doors when not in use
  • Checking office plants for the presence of pests on a regular basis
  • Issuing regular communications to your employees, about the importance of keeping their workstations clean.

Legacy Pest Control Provides Office Building Pest Control Services in Utah

If you’re in need of pest control services, it’s important to contact professionals. Ineffective and inappropriate use of pesticides can cause contamination with dangerous chemicals due to fog, splash on food and equipment. Our Legacy Pest Control exterminators are highly skilled and will ensure if it is necessary to apply pesticides, the right pesticides are used. We are proud to say our treatments are safe around your family and pets!

At Legacy Pest Control, we are a family owned business, committed to offering quality pest control in offices services in Utah. Over the last 20 years, we have helped hundreds of companies achieve pest free workspaces with our pest control solutions. Contact us today at 801-779-3131 for a free quote.

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