Insects and other household pests can be a problem all year round often causing noise inside the roof of your kitchen immediately after you switch off the lights or tearing your precious documents or clothes to shreds; but not anymore. We at Kaysville, Utah Legacy Pest Control combine exceptional service with years of professionalism and experience in providing our clients with the best global pest control solutions that guarantee a vermin-free home. We have been involved in the pest control business for over 20 years; a time that has seen us conduct various field research that help in providing the best service.

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Kaysville Pest Control and Extermination Services

Ant Pest Control. Leftover foods are part of every household and are the primary attraction of ants. As small as they are, ants can cause significant damage to any household from contaminating stored food, destroying wooden appliances, to human attacks. Despite the fact that ants don’t pose a direct health risk to humans, their bites are excruciatingly painful. Additionally, in the commercial environment such as pubs, restaurants, and hospitals an infestation by ants is more than just a nuisance considering their presence can cost you money as well as harm your reputation. Our professional Pest Control Technicians at Legacy Pest Control understand the habits of all kinds of ant species and provide discreet and targeted ant control services. Over the years, we have developed effective environmentally friendly pest control solutions that guarantee effective ant extermination while taking into account the safety of homeowners and their pets or staff members in a commercial environment.

Termites Pest Control. Termites just like ants are small in size but their colonies can cause significant damage when they find their way into your house. These intruders are well known to damage wooden structures and may compromise a building’s structure; a factor that is a source of high repair costs. We at Legacy Pest Control have developed special termite extermination process that not only gets rid of the tiny invaders but additionally protects your home or office from future termite infestation.

Small Rodent Control. Rats, Mice, Raccoons, moles, and squirrels are most annoying pests to invade your home or place of work considering they are mostly nocturnal in nature and cause their damage far from sight making them hard to track down. Most of these rodents are disease-ridden and harmful to humans especially as they contaminate stored food. They destroy garments, documents, as well as enteric cables. Over the last 20 years, our professional Pest Control Technicians have developed new ways to not only trap these invaders but also find their point of entry to the household guaranteeing future protection from infestation.

Cockroach Pest Control. Like small rodents, cockroaches are also night dwellers; however, these creepy crawlers are harder to deal with as they hide in dark hard to reach areas. Although many homeowners use DIY Cockroach control remedies, their efforts are mostly ineffective as cockroaches traditionally multiply in numbers. We at Legacy Pest Control have developed a sweetening syrup contagion that is only harmful to cockroaches guaranteeing 100% examination of the vermin while guaranteeing safety.

Bed Bugs Pest Control. When taking nocturnal invaders, small rodents and Cockroaches may be a nuisance, but bedbugs are a nightmare in their own capacities. Bed bugs can cause health effects that include allergic reactions to their bites causing skin rashes. These small bloodsuckers are hard to exterminate as they have long hibernation lifetimes of up to eight months. Our professional Pest Control Technicians have developed an odorless and effective all year round solution for bed bugs extermination that guarantees its clients a peaceful night from these bloodsuckers.

Silverfish Pest Control. Silverfish are wingless slimy insects that are usually found in damp areas such as bathtubs or sinks. The sight of these invaders has the ability to curl anyone’s blood in fear, though they are not dangerous in terms of human health. With years of experience, we at Legacy Pest Control have come up with means to keep Silverfish from households with our routine disinfection on residing regions allowing you to go about life without the fright of slimy crawlers.

Earwig Pest Control. Earwigs are closely related to cockroaches; however, they are winged and only cause significant nuisance during the summer then the outdoors environment is hot and dry. Earwigs are known to contaminate vegetables, fruits, and attack houseplants causing wilting. These pests also have pincers that cause significant skin damage when they feel threatened. We at Legacy Pest Control have come up with unique pesticides that are sprayed in affected areas guaranteeing safety.

Spider Pest Control. The hot summer temperatures are also known to force spiders into cooler habits more so indoors. Though most spiders in the State of Utah are not harmful to humans, their sight is unpleasant. Through spraying our professional Pest Control Technicians have found the best way to get the eight-legged arachnids far from your home all year round.

Why Choose Kaysville, Utah Legacy Pest Control Services?

From the information provided it is evident that we have a complete portfolio of pest control from seasonal pests, crawling and flying insects, as well as small rodents. Nevertheless, that is just but a starter; we offer:

  • 20 years of pest control experience that guarantees the best service in the field.
  • We offer military discounts.
  • We offer 4 to 6 weeks money back guarantee for all of our services, which is safeguarded by regular checkups to make sure you are not bothered by re-infestation by pests.
  • All our products are tried and tested guaranteeing safety to kids as well as pets.
  • Our pesticide solutions are green and environmentally friendly.
  • We also offer pest control deals and discounts on our coupon page.

If your home or business is suffering from a pest infestation in Kaysville, UT, contact our professionals at Legacy Pest Control today for your free evaluation.

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